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The Olive Oil Mill

The mill’s priority is the quality of the olive oil to perfectly match your diet and provide its benefits thanks to the preservation of all nutritional and organoleptic properties.
At Ramos Lagar, Lda, you can produce your olive oil through hot or cold pressing. Its production line allows both methods without waiting time since its production capacity is six tons every hour.
Soon, you will be able to know more about the mill: the website is under construction.

Ramos Lagar, Lda.

Its Story

In the heights of the alleged Vacinata castle we can find the mill Ramos Lagar, Lda., which produces, from its own olive groves, the Vacinata olive oil.
The story is about three people from nearby villages who joined to create a bottle full of history. They gathered their lands and invested in this past.
Despite the fact that they produce Vacinata olive oil, the mill allows people to come by and offer its olives for selling, or ask for the transformation of it into olive oil. Different commercial plans are available.
This activity enhances the surrounding region by offering itself to the communities around, to who wants to press its olives, nurturing the oleoculture.

Mission, vision and values

The mission of the mill is to encourage a healthy diet and contribute to good cuisine.

Get to every single tables, contribute to the development of the oleoculture of the region and promote a healthy diet.
Quality, hygiene diet, trust, tradition, innovation and respect of the environment are the rules of Ramos Lagar, Lda.


Largo do Rossio 22
6420-351 Cótimos
Trancoso – Guarda

Phone Contacts
+351 926 209 914
+351 926 209 914