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Immerse yourself in the vicinity of the Vacinata castle which existed at least until the end of the 10th century according to the only historical source available today: the will and testament of D. Flámula Rodrigues from 960 who left several castles, including Vacinata castle, to her aunt Mumadona Dias. It was only 200 or 300 years after that the olive oil tradition entered the area, a new culture at these times, Portugal being at its dawn. History joined and olive trees claimed Portugal’s reliefs; their roots settled in these fertile lands, trees grew, and their
fruits ripened and opened themselves to our tables.
The history of extra virgin olive oil Vacinata starts here, in these distant times. Persisting history, we water the lands around Vacinata castle. From our olive groves, olives are harvested then cold pressed in our mill of Cótimos village, descendants of the people living around the castle that existed centuries ago. We grow, maintain and produce a natural and pure olive oil which crossed centuries.
We pass down history in every single bottle: the one we want to imagine.

The Olive Oil

The olives used to produce Vacinata olive oil are gathered at the beginning of November in order to get a stronger olive oil. The olive groves and the mill are located in Cótimos village next to the disappeared Vacinata castle, in the current Trancoso municipality. The harvest is done under respectful supervision then the olives are carried as soon as possible to the mill in order to insure an irreproachable quality.
The olives varieties are Galega, Picual and Cobrançosa which produce a soft, sweet, cunningly bitter and spicy flavor. We respect these lands and its history by not using chemical pesticides, and we strictly select the best olives for the most perfect olive oil. Vacinata will dress your meals, offering you its profusion of vitamins and minerals thanks to the preservation of all its nutritional and organoleptic properties.

Let the past give you a taste of history: the one you want to imagine.

Benefits of olive oil

In the same area of the Vacinata castle exist thermal waters that operated until 1968, and the ruins last among the flora that took back its rights. The facilities welcomed people from everywhere and every rank that were looking for treatments. Today, this natural source has been abandoned but other sources of benefits have been looked for, such as the olive trees. As our 10th century ancestors who operated the thermal waters, Ramos Lagar, Lda. mill looks for sharing the wealth of the lands harvesting its olive trees with the only goal to produce tasty olive oil with fantastic organoleptic and nutritional properties: Vacinata.
The idea is to find the most of vitamins and minerals in every single bottle for it to bring taste, but also to make you enjoy the several known benefits of this precious liquid, among which:

  • Slowing down Alzheimer’s disease;
  • Elimination of cancerous cells;
  • Decrease of cardiovascular risks;
  • Anti-inflammatory;
  • Decrease of suffering diabetes;
  • Perfects, Protect and rejuvenate the skin;
  • Encourage the good health of bones.

What you need to know is that the olive oil composition is huge and complex.
First of all, olive oil is composed by 99% of lipids, fats called triglycerides which, in the case of olive oil, are mono-insaturated. These are sought after for their beneficial action on health, specifically on the human cardiovascular system. We also can find:

  • Phenolic blends, these famous organic molecules that are powerful antioxidants sought to prevent tumours, neurodegeneration, inflammatory and cardiovascular diseases;
  • Flavonoids;
  • Pigments;
  • Volatile blends;
  • Finally vitamins, mainly K vitamins necessary for coagulation and stimulating the settlement of calcium on the bones; and E vitamins that are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and stimulate the immune system.