Tradition and innovation,


The Olive field

Ancient lands, traditional olive groves. Some abandoned for years. They came back to life. Nothing has been touched, everything is the same. Just new generations whose fruits we will soon be able to harvest.


The harvest

A convivial moment in the open air. A meticulous semi-mechanized work. The goal is to respect the olive tree as much as the olive. The olive does not touch the ground and does not wait long. The day ends and it is already on its way to the mill. Soon, it will be transformed into green gold: the alchemy of the fields.


A natural blend

As they are today, they have never moved since they were planted: a mixture of varieties typical of our region. Galega, Madural, Cobrançosa and Picual, the harvest makes no difference. No preferences, no selection, no jealousy. We all love our land, our olive groves, our olive trees. The authenticity is there. The olive oil comes out unique.

The olive

No calculation of proportions to think and create a particular olive oil. Ours is unique because of its natural blend. Four varieties of olives make up our olive oil:


The most widespread olive in Portugal, from the Beiras, Alentejo and Algarve. The olive oil obtained is sweet and smooth, characterized by a light to medium fruity and a pronounced apple aroma.


One of the rarest varieties of olives on Portuguese soil, the Madural (or Negral) is mainly used in the Trás-os-Montes region.


Originally from Trás-os-Montes, Cobrançosa has a light to medium fruity character, accentuated by herbal aromas, and subtly bitter and spicy. The richness of its oil in polyphenols gives it a strong resistance to oxidation.


Native from Andalusia, it represents half of the olive trees in Spain. The resulting oil is quite complex with an intense green fruitiness, bitterness and spiciness. It is an olive oil very rich in polyphenols.


Lagar Ramos

Owner of the olive groves and of the Vacinata brand, the mill is modern and in constant search of excellence. From October to January, it becomes a place full of life where families, friends and strangers meet with the same objective: to transform the fruit of their land into the green gold we all know.
Curious eyes, the sound of tractors, invitations to share a meal, aromas of wine and earth, flavors of sausages and cod. In the middle of the table, olive oil.

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