Family background

The family, originally from the villages of Cótimos (Trancoso) and Esporões (Moreira de Rei), is descended from farmers and shepherds. After several years of hard work abroad, they are back home with the intention of investing in their land and revealing it to the rest of the world.


The municipality of Cótimos is part of the municipality of Trancoso: a mountain area, with great differences in altitude (reaching more than 900 meters in some places). 
The municipality is endowed with a climate of altitudes, with hot summers and rigorous winters, with frequent frosts and, from time to time, the sincelo, a beautiful and attractive phenomenon.
The beautiful natural landscapes are enhanced by the richness of the built heritage.

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The municipality is located at 583 meters above sea level and is bathed by the Massueime River and the Cótimos River. It is surrounded by beautiful landscapes: hills, plateaus and mountains. The municipality has aesthetically beautiful and typical monuments of the interior of the Beira, as well as the forests of the interior of the Beira.

As for the flora, olive trees, vineyards and almond trees stand out. At certain times of the year, it is wonderful to observe the fields and hills in bloom or the blankets of snow in winter. The region is characterized by its granite, schist, and quartz or tourmaline peaks.