The Mill


and tradition

Most of the olive oil transformation process is similar to that of our ancestors: mechanical. The machines are different: more powerful, faster, more hygienic. The temperature is now cooler and more controlled. The temperature does not exceed 27°: fundamental rule to respect the fruit of the olive tree and to obtain an extra virgin olive oil. The computers see everything, we control and compose. At Ramos Lagar, we work together with technology.



The passion for the olive tree, whose cultivation is ancestral, has always been in the mind of the Ramos family. Hypnotic, proud, unbreakable, this is how we define the olive tree.
For years, the family has acquired old olive groves that were, for the most part, abandoned: the result of the desertion of the region in favor of the cities. But it was in 2018 that Luis and Augusta launched the project to build an olive oil mill in Cótimos. An ambition whose aim is to boost the economic activity of the municipality as well as to value the land that runs in our veins.

The harvest

Freshness. Mechanical to limit the damage done to the tree and the fruit. The olive arrives fresh at the mill.

The washing

Preparation. Branches and leaves separated. Olives go through water: fresh and washed to be transformed.

The grinder

Crushing. The pulp and the core together. Always. They pass through the grinder to be transformed into a smooth paste.

The thermo-kneader

Kneading. Slow and continuous, one hour for the oil drops to gather into larger drops.

Decanting or horizontal centrifugation

Separation. On one side the pomace. On the other, the raw olive oil still containing some impurities.

Vertical centrifugation

Purification. Finally the oil comes out ready to be sent to the tanks. On the other side, water and the last impurities.



Analysis of the paste. Analysis of the pomace. Percentage of fat in dry matter. Percentage of humidity.... Different parameters to be considered to optimize the use of machinery, the yield of olives and the quality of the oil. Technology at the service of the good. The objective remains the same: excellence. For us, for you, for everyone.