Olive Oil of Excellence

Produced in Ramos Lagar, Lda. mill, the olive oil Vacinata is obtained from its own olive groves. The excellence of Vacinata is ideal for cooking and seasoning at all times. The mill’s main purpose is the conservation of all nutritional and organoleptic properties for quality olive oil. Thereby, it can combine in a perfect way with your food and provide the necessary benefits for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

The Vacinata Olive Oil

The Vacinata olive oil comes from Ramos Lagar, Lda olive groves.
The Galega, Picual and Cobrançosa varieties guarantee a soft, sweet, cunningly bitter and spicy flavor. We respect these lands and its history by not using chemical pesticides, and we strictly select the best olives for the most perfect olive oil.

Vacinata olive oil will dress your meals, offering you its profusion of vitamins and minerals thanks to the preservation of all its nutritional and organoleptic properties.
Let the past give you a taste of history: the one you want to imagine!


Olive oil of excellence is the only thing you will find here

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